For many creatives, freelancing and self-employment is an attractive option. By your very nature you are likely to be someone who thrives on variety and flexibility. As a freelance media professional here's what you'll enjoy:


  • Higher hourly wage. It's a fact that most people who work within the media earn more when they're self-employed.
  • Variety. Creative people need create schedules. Freelancing means you won't be working on the same thing month in, month out.
  • Experience. With variety comes experience, and for a media CV, experience is priceless.
  • Time for other projects. Chances are that as a creative, you have your own side projects that you want to achieve. Freelancing buys you the time to do this.


Are there risks to freelancing as a media professional? Certainly. But anyone who sticks at media freelancing - that's around 250,000 people in the UK - believes the benefits outweigh these risks.

Think work as a media freelancer could be for you? There are three ways to get started:

  • Umbrella company. This is the most similar route to working as someone's employee.
  • Self-employed. Use your own contacts to get work, and fill in your own tax returns yearly.
  • Limited company. The most tax efficient way. You'll take home more money.


If setting up a limited company is the route for you, Accounts Direct can help. We provide accountancy advice and help for all contractors within the profession. This includes copy and scriptwriters, presenters, cameramen, editors, and many more.

Accounts Direct will guide you in setting up, and prep you on your monthly duties (once you've done them once, they're easy). We're committed to delivering an outstanding accountancy service to all our clients. We have helped over 2,000 to date. All have benefitted from:

  • A personal accountant
  • Face-to-face meetings
  • Highly-competitive fees
  • Money back guarantee
  • Expert advice at every turn


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