How the Uber ruling affects drivers and consumers

Opening a business requires huge amounts of capital, sustainable effort, staff and resources that the common man just cannot afford. However, we cannot deny that the self employed enjoy a level of freedom that private employees can only dream of. On the other hand, the latter believe they are more comfortable and stress free when they know that they

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How the new tax dividends work

Even though new tax dividends were implemented in April, many people are still confused as to how it works. The main premise of the tax is that basic rate tax payers have to pay more than those who belong to a higher tax bracket. However, there are some ways to ensure tax payers pay as little tax dividends as possible.…

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What Budget 2016 Means for Contractors

Chancellor, George Osborne’s proposal for the eighth budget has been hailed as one that will go a long way in maintaining and sustaining a strong economy but it also foretold repercussions for the nation’s workforce, not all of them good. However, contractors were wary after they head Osborne wax eloquent on the benefits of Off Payroll Employees in the work…

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A Sigh Of Relief For Contractors But Does The Devil Lie In Small Print?

With very little mentioned about IR35 in the Chancellor’s Autumn Budget Announcement, it would appear the pre-autumn statement PSC scare story was all a hyped affair. After much speculation created by the Media and contractor representatives about the big changes to the way contractors can claim tax relief has in fact resulted in mere speculation at this stage. This most…

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Should I claim Mileage Expense or buy a company car?

As a contractor, you may need to use your car to visit clients or attending conferences and training sessions. You can claim tax relief for travel expense on business journeys. The business journey is of two types.

From one place of work to another place of work while you are performing your work duties.

Travel to and from a workplace.…

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