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Streamline and structure to protect your income


Specialised taxation services to protect your earnings


Without the right kind of accounting advice, Locum doctors can stand to lose up to 55% of their income to tax, superannuation and National Insurance contributions.


We find that many Locums who come to us for tax advice and support are needlessly paying 40% of their income in tax along with £1500 each year in unnecessary National Insurance contributions.


Could your income be taxed at 20% instead of 40%?


Could you be saving by splitting your income with a spouse or civil partner?


Are you making use of deferrals to reduce your National Insurance payments?



Are you using the right business structure for the way you work?


Your business should be structured in a way that will best reduce these outgoings.



Are you using the right tax codes?


One of the major reasons for locum GPs paying too much tax is that they are using the wrong codes.


Accounts Direct will offer you the best advice on how to structure your business for your particular circumstances (Sole Trader, Partnership, Limited Liability Partnership, Limited Company).



Are you paying too much in National Insurance contributions?


For many of our locum doctor clients we achieve significant refunds on an annual basis. If you are not using the right tax codes you will probably end up paying too much tax.



Are you claiming all of your expenses?


What you should be claiming:



               Professional fees and subscriptions

               Pensions payments

               Charitable donations

               Motor expenses

               Medical equipment



Accounts Direct has vast experience and expertise in accountancy for locum doctors. Talk to us about streamlining your tax affairs, structuring your business and reducing your tax bill to a minimum


Put your mind at rest. Call Accounts Direct today: 0333 5775332


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