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Reduce your tax liability - and protect your income!

Inland Revenue (HMRC) has focused sharply on the medical profession in recent years, with severe penalties for GPs who fail to lodge accurate tax returns.


As a salaried GP, your  tax return must contain precise information about your income from all sources, expense claims and capital gains income.



Are you using the right tax codes?


The wrong tax code  If you end up paying too much, you will need expert advice to ensure you obtain the maximum rebate.


If you end up paying too little tax, a hefty tax bill may take you by surprise. In either case, our specialised accountancy services for locum doctors will help ensure a more satisfactory outcome for you.



Could you make a substantial ?


If you are a recently appointed salaried GP who has not yet completed a tax return, you may be entitled to a significant rebate on subscriptions and memberships to professional associations.


Accounts Direct can help you claim up to 4 years retrospectively, even if you do not have all the necessary information to hand.



What personal expenses  you be claiming?


There are strict tax rules governing personal expenses for salaried GPs and these are not nearly as generous as those for self-employed GP principals.


Any stated expenses must be ‘wholly, necessarily and exclusively’ in the duties of your employment.


Personal expenses claims cover:



               Professional fees and subscriptions

               Pensions payments

               Charitable donations

               Motor expenses




Tax and financial affairs for salaried GPs can be difficult to manage. provides a specialist medical accounting service to help you manage and reduce your tax liability.


We will tell you exactly how the rules do or do not apply to your particular circumstances, and therefore how to make the most of the rules as they apply to you so talk to us today.



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