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Pay less tax or claim a rebate for unreimbursed employment expenses


Are you missing out on valuable tax relief that could considerably boost your net income? You may be eligible for a reduction of your income tax bill, or even a tax rebate, for expenses you incur as part of your medical work but aren’t paid by your employer.


You can claim the expenses of professional and union membership, training, travel, clothing, laundry and even the cost of equipment for a home office. And because your claims can be backdated by up to four years, a typical doctor’s rebate starts from £2,500.


What you can claim:


Professional bodies and unions fees and subscriptions: Your costs of membership to all of the main UK medical bodies and unions can be claimed in full. Check HMRC’s approved list  to confirm that your professional body is eligible.


Training and course fees: You may be eligible to claim the costs of training for Continued Professional Development (CPD) going back four years.


Travel expenses: You can claim the cost of travel to professional association meetings and training courses away from your normal place of work, if the costs have not been reimbursed by your employer


Clothing and laundry: HMRC allows you to claim for the costs of uniforms, protective clothing and certain other items of clothing, as well as the costs of cleaning them


Business equipment: You may be able to offset against your income tax bill some of the costs of a home office and the equipment in it – things like your laptop and office furniture.


Most medical professionals incur costs that are not reimbursed by their employer – but are legitimate expenses that can be claimed according to HMRC’s rules. If you failed to claim these expenses, you may have paid too much tax as a result and be eligible for a tax rebate going back four years.


How you can claim:


It’s easy. Simply Contact Accounts Direct  and we will prepare and file a tax rebate claim with HMRC on your behalf – it could result in a tax refund of £2,500 or more


To make sure you only pay the correct amount of tax and no more, each year we can prepare your self assessment tax return, potentially adding many more thousands of pounds to your annual net income.


How much could you get back:


By claiming all your expenses allowed under HMRC rules, you can secure a tax rebate and reductions in future income tax bills. To find out how much you can save, talk to Accounts Direct  today.



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