What is the benefit of staying outside the IR35 regulations? Staying outside IR35 regulations will save you between 5% and 20% in your take-home pay.




No, regardless of whether you work through an intermediary company, the same IR35 tests will apply.



No, regardless of how you are employed, the same IR35 tests will apply.



It is up to you to declare your status, with the benefit of professional advice. If HMRC disagrees with your declaration, they may choose to take your case to court to decide.



There are lots of benefits to working as a Limited Company, and you are still likely to take home much more money than you would if you were subject to PAYE.



Definitely. As well as being able to pick and choose the work that suits you, you can expect to take home a greater proportion of you earnings than you would if you were subject to PAYE.

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