How can you ensure that your new business will succeed?


As the owner of a new business, the key question for you is - will it grow and be a success in the long-term? These grim statistics reflect the basic mistakes made by many new business owners:

  • 40% of new businesses fail within a year
  • 56% of new businesses fail within 3 years
  • 76% of new businesses fail within5 years


Sound advice to help your business grow

Like most new business owners, you don’t have the budget or the resources to do everything straightaway. But if your business is to grow as it should, you MUST have these basics in place:

  • A robust book-keeping system
  • An appropriate tax strategy
  • Compliance with relevant tax authorities


Accounts Direct has become known as a specialist in FREE advice for startups - on any tax, book-keeping or other business planning issues:

  • How to plan for your business success
  • How to pay less tax
  • How to make more profit
  • How to structure your business (sole trader, limited company, VAT?)
  • How to get on top of your paperwork
  • How to raise finance


Accounts Direct
Sound Advice for Startup Businesses


We will also offer you a free audit of your current tax and book-keeping arrangements - ensuring you of the best chance of success in your new business.

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