Accounts Direct is a registered agent with HMRC for self-assessment. We have specialist tax advisor who have years of experience securing tax refund for thousands of people in UK. Our accountants have in depth knowledge of UK tax system. Our average refund is from 1000 to 1500 GBP.



If you have paid the tax office more tax than you should have paid during the past six years, You will be repaid that tax by HMRC. Tax is overpaid due to various reasons like wrong tax code, leaving work in the middle of the year, unreimbursed employment expenses etc.



The time limits for claiming a refund are shown in the table below. If you don't make a claim within the time limit you'll miss out on any refund due.

Time limits for claiming back PAYE tax

Tax year Tax year ended on You must claim by:
2005-06 5 April 2006 31 January 2012
2006-07 5 April 2007 31 March 2012
2007-08 5 April 2008 5 April 2012
2008-09 5 April 2009 5 April 2013
2009-10 5 April 2010 5 April 2014
2010-11 5 April 2011 5 April 2015



If you think you have paid too much tax through self-assessment the time limits for claiming a refund are shown in the table below. If you don't make a claim within the time limit you'll miss out on any refund due. But if HMRC has made a mistake you can get extra time.

Time limits for claiming back Self Assessment tax

Tax year Tax year ended on You must claim by:


5 April 2008

5 April 2012


5 April 2009

5 April 2013


5 April 2010

5 April 2014



Based on our experience, the average time to get a tax rebate is 4 to 8 weeks. If claimed by submitting online tax return, the tax refund can be quicker. If you submit incorrect tax information which do not agreed to the record already held by HMRC on your behalf, do not have NI national insurance or apply during busy time of the year, then your tax refund may be a bit delayed.



You can claim tax back at anytime of the year. The tax can be claimed for the previous financial year which is the last 05th April. If you have finished work in the middle of the year and do not intend to work again in that financial year, then you can claim in the same year as well.



Yes. If you have worked in the UK between April 2005 and 2011, you can still claim a tax refund if you have overpaid taxes. You do not necessarily need to be in the UK. We can claim a tax refund for you even if you have left the country.



Yes. If you have worked in the UK, and overpaid taxes, you are entitled to a tax refund.



Working through Accounts direct is pretty straightforward. Fill out the form; send us your P45, p60 and other income details. We will calculate your refund and send you a report. Once you agree with it, we shall process is immediately and transfer the refund amount same day it touches our bank account.



If you have earned below the personal allowance which is different for each financial year (2010/2011=6475, 2011/2012=7475) and paid taxes, you are eligible to claim all the tax you have paid. In cased of job related expenses, you are entitled to claim a tax that you have paid on the extra income without deducting expenses.



A: You cannot claim back the National insurance Contribution in the form of cash. Some national insurance contribution can be transferred to UK private pension.



The financial year in UK runs from 6th of April till 5th of April next year.



P45. A P45 is issued to an employee when he/she leaves the work in the middle of the year. Financial year runs from 06th of April to 05th of April next year. It is a statement of earning which includes total income earned; total taxes paid and date of leaving the job.

P60.  A P60 is also a statement of income detailing total income earned and total taxes paid. It is issued by the employer if you are still working with the employer till 05 of April no matter when you start.

CIS Statement. A CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) Statement is a statement of earning indicating your income and taxes paid. This is issued to people to people working in construction industry at the end of each month.



You will need the proof of your income from employment. This includes but not limited to P60, P45 and CIS statements.



Do not worry, if you have lost any of the above. Accounts direct will first try to contact your employer to get the details from them. In case your employer is no more there, we can contact with HMRC and request for your income details submitted with them by your previous employers to be sent to us in the post.



You will need to fill in P50 to claim a tax refund if you have been made redundant and not intend to work during the financial year, you have retired, become a student, or become unemployed.



The tax code related to tax free personal allowance.  If your tax code has a suffix or prefix of X, WK1, MTH1, then your tax is being calculated on weekly or monthly income basis instead of annual income basis. This may results your employer to deduct extra taxes from you. If you are on BR code that means that no Personal allowance is taken into account when employer calculates your PAYE.  This is applied only when your employer is not sure what tax code to apply to you. It usually takes long time to rectify that.



A Self Assessment tax return is the way that you inform Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) how much income you have received over the course of the year, as well as any gains you have made on capital assets you have disposed of (e.g. if you have sold a house or a business). It is also the way that you notify HMRC of any deductions you need to make, and any tax relief or tax allowance to which you are entitled



People who are automatically required to fill out a Self-Assessment tax return:

  1. Company directors (including Limited Company directors)
  2. Ministers of any religion
  3. A worker in the Construction Industry Scheme
  4. Lloyd's names or members
  5. Anyone receiving income from land or property in the UK
  6. Higher income earners
  7. Sole traders

If you want to claim unreimbursed job related expenses which are more than the certain amount, currently £2500.00, you will need to claim a tax refund through self-assessment. The tax office will issue you a Unique Tax Reference Number (UTR) to do yourself assessment.



Accounts Direct works on No refund, No Fee policy. If we are not able to claim tax refund for you, we shall not charge you a penny. Our Fees are based on the amount of tax refund we are able to claim back from you. We shall give you a quote which will be competitive and not a surprise.
In case of self-assessment, we charge a minimum fee of £100 to submit your Personal tax return.


Fill in the confidential tax claim back form. With accounts direct you can be rest assured that any information you provide us with will be kept strictly confidential and preserving your privacy is our first priority.

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