Tax Rebate


There is a strong chance that you might be entitled to a tax rebate if:

  • You are leaving the UK
  • You are a CIS worker (Construction Industry Scheme)
  • You have only worked for part of the year
  • You have paid for tools or business travel
  • You have unreimbursed employment expenses
  • You are a professional and paying subscription to a professional body
  • You arrived from overseas half way through a tax year (after April)



We regularly secure our clients huge refunds around £900 on average. There's absolutely no risk!

Because you only pay if we're successful in getting you a refund, there's really nothing to lose!



Let us take care of everything for you

Claiming tax back can be a painstaking process, but we'll take care of the whole thing. Once you appoint us and give us the necessary information, we'll work with HMRC to secure your refund. Once we've got it,


we'll send you your money straight away. Wouldn't you rather your hard earned cash was sitting in your bank account than the tax man's?


Claim SIX years money back today

Because claims can go back for up to six years, you can make some serious savings.


Fill in the confidential tax claim back form. With accounts direct you can be rest assured that any information you provide us with will be kept strictly confidential and preserving your privacy is our first priority.

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