Limited Company vs Umbrella Company

Working as a self-employed professional is a big decision and there are a number of working options. If you’re choosing between joining an umbrella company or setting up your own limited company, there’s much to consider; ultimately, it’s a question of balancing the responsibility you’re prepared to take with how much of your earnings you want to keep. So which is the better option?

Limited Vs Umbrella

Because of the tax relief and expenses claims, you will profit from more take home pay with a limited company.

Umbrella companies take much of the effort out of working, but to do so they also take a cut of the payment generated by your services. In practice, this means that the average umbrella company contractor can expect to take home somewhere between 67 and 76 percent of the value of their contract. In contrast, the tax efficiencies on offer when working as a limited company contractor means you can keep anything from 81 to 86 per cent.

It’s easier to set up working for an umbrella company

The set up process for a limited company includes incorporating the company, setting up a business bank account, arranging insurance cover, and choosing or becoming directors. You won’t need to do any of this working for an umbrella company.

Limited companies are more tax efficient than umbrella companies.

Limited companies give greater scope for tax planning and you’ve a wider range of expenses to claim. However, as an umbrella company employee, you’ll save time as your tax and NI responsibilities will be taken care of by the umbrella company.

There’s less paperwork with umbrella companies

If you work under an umbrella company, the company will take care of all the NI and tax paperwork as well as process your expenses on your behalf. If you’re working as director of a limited company, you’re responsible for the admin, which includes correspondence with Companies House.

A limited company has the ultimate control

If you’re working under an umbrella company, you’ll still have control over the assignments you work, but little else. If you work via a limited company, you’ll have much more control over everything you do.

Limited Company

Setting up a Limited Company involves incorporating your company, setting up a business bank account, arranging insurance cover, and becoming a director of your company amongst other things.

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Umbrella Company

If you choose the Umbrella Company option, this means working as an employee of an Umbrella Company, allowing you to work on assignments that you choose, without the responsibilities of running your own company.

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